Earth Insights is operated by Thai Advance Innovation Co. Ltd. (Thai AI), which is 99.99% owned by Thaicom Public Comany Limited, a leading satellite operator and end-to-end satellite services provider in Thailand and Asia-Pacific Region. Thai AI provides broad range of digital platform services such as OTT platform (LOOX TV) around-the-clock (24x7) to a large number of users.

  • LOOX TV : Online TV Platform on both website andapplication that can be viewed on both digital TV and mobile phone
  • LOOX for Biz : Online TV Platform for hotels, resorts, and apartments
  • TV Head-end : Installation and Integrated TV System Services for residences and hotels 
  • Thaicom Express Wifi : Internet services via satellite

In addition, the services have been innovatively expanded into other digital platforms like "Earth observation for geospatial analytics and intelligence" from satellite images, UAV-LiDAR mapping and geolocation data for agricultural, environmental, and government sectors - combining advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning providing customers with accurate and actionable information to help them make informed decisions.

Thai AI has also been working with local farmers with data analysis and scientific insights to assist in decision-making to reduce risks and protect crops from potential damages. For instance, determining the best time for rice cultivation in each area (per plot) by calculating soil moisture data along with soil characteristics, rain forecast, etc.

Thai Al Team has over 30 years of satellite experience and expertise, with a focus on advanced technologies such as data science, data analysis, GIS, web and mobile application development, and has worked in many other countries including Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and Australia.

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