Precision Agriculture System
Precision Farming uses modern technologies such as satellite imagery, UAV survey, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and much more to improve crop quality, reduce risk, and profitability. Based on this data, farmers receive information on all key issues: crop health status, weather forecasts, recommendations from specialist, etc. 
Therefore, this agricultural management system contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture, allowing to solve both economic and ecological problems.

Field Risk Monitoring System
The system forecasts, tracks, reports and alerts risks that may occur in the farm area such as drought, flood.

Using data to help plan cultivation increase efficiency and help reduce possible damage
Crop Health Monitoring System
System for analyzing Plant's Health in the field.

Example: NDVI Value shows green in the Reproductive Stage of rice
Appropriate Time Series Recommendation System for Rice Planting

Information of Soil Moisture, Soil Properties, Climate, and Plant growing Factors can be used to analyze with specific model. System will be able to recommend rice planting period appropriate for each area to reduce the damage that may be caused by drought and so that the cultivation get the best productivity
Crop Classification System

For classifying Rice, Maze, Cassava, Sugarcane in target areas
Example: Crop classification in Bunlung Subdistrict, Nakorn Ratchasrima Province

Specific Area Weather Forecast

Local Weather Forecast for management Cultivation more efficiently

Forecast Rain, Temperature, Clouds, Wind, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and more
 - Hourly: 24 hours
 - Daily: 7 days

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